Workers Compensation

According to the Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry, nearly 78,000 people in the state suffered from work-related injuries and illnesses in 2012, the most recent year for which statistics have been acquired. This was an increase over the number of work-related injuries and illnesses in 2011 and equals approximately 6,500 every month. Those who suffer such injuries cannot sue their employer but must pursue a claim under the Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Act.

The workers’ compensation laws in Minnesota are complex. Your employer’s insurer will likely encourage you to file your claim without legal assistance. This is often a bad idea. Later disputes and appeals after denial of benefits may be avoided if you seek legal counsel to assist you with your claim as soon after your injury or illness as possible.

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you were injured on the job or contracted a work-related illness, you already know how devastating that can be. You worry about paying your medical bills and losing wages due to your inability to work. You may be injured so severely that you will not be able to return to your former type of employment.

The purpose of Workers’ Compensation laws is so that your employer’s insurer will cover your damages without requiring litigation. You do not have to prove your employer was negligent and your employer cannot claim that the injury or illness was your own fault.

Even though the process sounds simple, in reality, there are times when justifiable claims are initially denied, requiring the injured party to appeal. Other times, the insurance company may present a low settlement offer. Insurers recognize that the injured or ill person may be desperate for money and accept the low offer without considering future medical and rehabilitation costs and future lost wages.

Our attorneys at Speeter & Johnson, Minnesota workers’ compensation lawyers located in Minneapolis, have many years of experience pursuing workers’ compensation claims on behalf of those with work-related injuries or illnesses. We know how to vigorously present your claim in order to maximize your benefits.

Possible third-party claims

Some work-related injuries are due to the negligence of a third-party. For example, if your injury was caused by a negligent driver who crashed into your vehicle while you were driving for work, you may be able to collect damages pursuant to a personal injury lawsuit against the driver in addition to pursuing your workers’ compensation claim.

It is important to have the personal attention to your case that Speeter & Johnson can provide. We will evaluate all the facts surrounding your injury or illness and assist you in proceeding in the best way possible in order to be sure you receive all the compensation to which you are entitled.