About Us

At Speeter & Johnson, we recognize the importance of matching each client’s objectives with an experienced attorney who specializes in the appropriate area of law. This approach gives clients confidence that they come first and helps to develop the close attorney-client relationships that are so vital to the effective resolution of legal issues. It is also a way to ensure that clients’ cases are handled efficiently and economically while giving clients the benefit of the expertise and experience they deserve from their attorneys. Clients can trust the attorneys at Speeter & Johnson to make a personal commitment to resolving the issues they face while handling cases in a professional and timely fashion.

Our multi-service firm features attorneys capable of handling most needs of individuals, families and businesses. Our attorneys offer you a prompt and courteous response time, and our philosophy is driven by providing quality and affordable services.

Experience and Family Tradition

Over the past seven decades, Speeter & Johnson has developed a strong and vibrant practice in downtown Minneapolis. Founded by Robert L. Speeter and Vincent E. Johnson in 1952, our firm offers clients the same professional services, resources and experience as many large law firms without sacrificing the efficiency and personalized attention necessary for the unique situation each client faces. Our firm has enjoyed a long and extensive family tradition, with three children and one grandchild of Bob Speeter and one child and one grandchild of Vince Johnson currently practicing in the firm.

Pictured below are founders Vince Johnson and Bob Speeter in the early 50s, perhaps putting on their game faces for an upcoming trial.