There is no substitute for experienced corporate legal counsel. Corporate law can be exceedingly complex and confusing if you are not trained in it. However, just because you need corporate legal services for your business does not mean you have unlimited funds to spend on it. At Speeter & Johnson, we can give you the legal help you need at a price you can afford. Contact us now for all your corporate legal needs.

Minnesota Corporate Lawyers

There are plenty of big corporate law firms out there providing legal services to businesses both large and small. Unfortunately, with firms so large it is always a gamble whether you will get the kind of service you need – service tailored to your company and its needs. At Speeter & Johnson, our attorneys approach things a little differently than the big firms. With a focus on accomplishing the objectives of our clients while avoiding any unnecessary extras, our firm takes pride in its ability to give you the best value for your business dollar. Considering our firm has been around since 1952, it looks like we must be doing something right.

Our corporate attorneys can help your company with all of its corporate law needs. This includes services related to general corporate law, corporate transactions and securities matters. With multiple generations of legal experience under one roof, our firm understands the intricacies of corporate law in a way few other firms do.

For most businesses it is impractical to retain in-house legal counsel. The cost is too high to have a corporate attorney on the payroll on a continuous basis. However, just because you do not have a lawyer as an employee does not mean you have to settle for impersonal service. At our firm you will find attorneys interested in your company, both its history and its future. We believe the best service comes from a quality relationship, something we are ready to form with your business.

Our corporate legal services include assistance with startup counseling, forming your corporation, partnership agreements, founders’ agreements, employment agreements, stock option plans, IP agreements, corporate governance, trademark advice and structuring of equity ownership. We can also help you with transactional issues such as mergers and acquisitions, licensing, financing, leveraged buy-outs and restructuring.

Protecting Our Clients

One of the biggest concerns most of our clients have is avoiding legal troubles. Because corporate law is so complex, especially related to securities laws, it is easy to make mistakes that can have serious legal consequences. Fortunately, our firm is skilled at helping you avoid any unnecessary legal risks. It is our job to protect your company, one we take very seriously.

Located in Minneapolis, Speeter & Johnson is ready to help you with all your corporate law needs. Please contact our firm now to learn more.