Judith Harrington Johnson

Judith Harrington Johnson is an attorney of counsel with the law firm of Speeter & Johnson. Her private practice as an attorney for over twenty-five years has focused primarily on all areas of family law, including related issues of child and spousal support, business appraisal, collection of support, domestic violence proceedings, juvenile court dependency and neglect proceedings, and residential real estate. Ms. Johnson also has general practice experience in employment law (contract, sexual harassment and racial discrimination), personal injury, workers’ compensation, and representing inmates of correctional facilities in cases involving constitutional violations of improper treatment.

Ms. Johnson is a neutral listed on the Minnesota Supreme Court Rule 114 Roster for Civil/Family Law Facilitation (mediation), and Civil Arbitration (third party neutral opinions and arbitration). She has served as mediator in family law, paternity, support, real estate, business, employment, and other disputes, and has administered private arbitration proceedings in family law.

Ms. Johnson contributed drafting work to the Minnesota Parenting Plans Legislation passed by the legislature in April 2000, and served as legal advisor to the legislative authors of that bill, and lobbyist for the legislation. She was the attorney author of the Minnesota summons legislation which requires notice of Alternative Dispute Resolution opportunities to be filed in civil and family law disputes, as well as serving as legal advisor to the legislative authors of that bill, and lobbyist for the legislation. She is an expert in the field of children and divorce, and the impact of divorce on children.

She is a trained practitioner of Collaborative Team Divorce and served for four years as a member of the Board of Directors of the Collaborative Law Institute. She served as President of the Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota in 2007 and helped create Collaborative Team Practice in Minnesota from 2007 through 2009. She has served as an Instructor for the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals at its International Forum series. Ms. Johnson is a former member of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Association of Mediators. She is also a member of the Minnesota Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution and Family Law, and Elder Law sections. Currently, she serves as Facilitator of the Recovery Outreach Taskforce for the Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota. She has a special interest in providing a solid foundation for recovery from addictions for couples using the Collaborative Team Divorce process.

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