There are few subjects more complex and difficult to understand than tax law. Unless you are an accountant you probably spend as little time dealing with tax issues as you can manage. Unfortunately, there are times when tax issues are unavoidable. You may be handling your estate, your business or you may be on the wrong side of the IRS. Whatever the reason, you need a tax lawyer if you want to protect your interests and your money.

Minnesota Taxation Lawyers

At Speeter & Johnson, our tax attorneys are ready to help you with all of your taxation needs. We understand how frustrating and confusing it can be to deal with tax issues. This is why we offer comprehensive taxation services to our clients. We will listen to your story and work to understand your situation, then we will formulate a plan to accomplish your legal goals as effectively as possible. Ideally, you will be able to hand over your problems to us and get back to living your life.

The fact that you are looking into taxation lawyers is a good thing. While taxes may be unpleasant and even frustrating, there is no benefit to ignoring them. They will come back to haunt you. When you hire our firm you ensure that you will not have to worry about mistakes and the penalties that come along with them. As your law firm, we want only the best outcome possible for you, and we will not stop until we achieve it.

Located in Minneapolis, our firm has been helping clients with their legal needs since 1952. Over six decades we may have not seen it all, but we have certainly come close. This means that no matter how complicated your taxation issues may seem at the moment, we are more than capable of helping you through them.

We offer taxation law services to both individuals and businesses. We can help with tax planning, estate planning, international business, business startups, contracts and IRS issues. We can help you build a case against the IRS as well as with any criminal defense needs you may have if the IRS is investigating you or your company. Our firm is even capable of assisting you with tax fraud issues.

Protecting Your Interests

Ultimately it is always our goal to look out for your best interests. The sooner you start with tax planning and addressing taxation issues the better off you will be. However, even if you feel like you are in an impossible tax situation, there is a good chance we can still help you minimize the damage.

Please contact our firm now if you need help with taxation law. Our experienced attorneys have the answers you need for all your tax-related questions.