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As a multi service law firm, Speeter & Johnson attorneys work on a wide variety of legal issues confronting individuals, families, business owners and corporations. In addition to providing cost-effective legal services in the areas of Family Law, Business Law and Criminal Defense, our attorneys enjoy practicing Sports & Entertainment Law. We serve celebrities, sports figures and teams who face often confusing and complex legal issues because they are public figures.

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Attorneys at the Minneapolis, MN, law firm of Speeter & Johnson handle many complex legal matters. Sports & Entertainment Law clients need our experienced legal representation on their side for drafting and negotiating contracts, endorsement deals, litigation and other civil court issues. These are often very complex matters with unusual concerns for these celebrities. We welcome challenges and are ready to work hard for these personalities, as we do for all our clients.

As a celebrity, our clients encounter many situations that involve privacy rights, such as confrontations with photographers, reporters, fans and organizations. Performance contracts must be structured to include items such as guaranteed money, incentives, and bonuses. In the entertainment industry, creative talent like writers, directors and musicians often have problems protecting their intellectual property and copyrights. We know how to address these issues and create unique solutions for each situation.

Minnesota Sports & Entertainment Law Attorneys

Contracts are extremely important in the world of celebrities. Sports figures and entertainers benefit by getting legal representation from our experienced staff of Minnesota Sports & Entertainment Law Attorneys. Seasoned lawyers at Speeter & Johnson help celebrity clients negotiate complex contracts and examine all the fine print contained in endorsement deals. We provide strong and aggressive legal representation for celebrity clients when cases move past the negotiation table into civil court.

Our law firm has been providing cost-efficient, personalized legal services to Minnesota celebrity clients since 1952. We stand up for client rights and give the strength and support they need when facing challenges that affect their livelihood and ability to pursue their passions in the world of sports and entertainment. We give each client personal attention and enjoy working closely with them to set goals and to help our clients achieve the best outcome during legal battles.

When the sports and entertainment industry is your chosen profession, you’ll want to get acquainted with our staff of Sports & Entertainment Law attorneys. Everyone at the Speeter & Johnson law firm is dedicated to helping clients succeed and reach their objectives, no matter how complex. We are ready to help you today; call to arrange for your first consultation. Our law office is located in Minneapolis, MN. Call us now, at (612) 339-7566 to get started.