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Speeter & Johnson is a law firm that focuses on estate planning, with a concentration on estate administration and probate. Our firm is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and serves clients located in the surrounding areas. Our team of experienced estate attorneys has successfully guided many clients through the estate administration and probate process. It is our goal to provide our clients with compassionate counsel and high-quality legal advice that is tailored to each individual.

Our Minnesota Probate Lawyers

Speeter & Johnson is a law firm with a long and extensive family tradition. Founded in 1952, our firm has handled the financial interests of thousands of clients. Through decades of experience, we have learned that each case is as unique as every client. That is why we are committed to providing skilled legal advice that is personalized to each client.

Estate Administration and Probate

Estate administration is can be a complicated process, and no two estates are alike. Depending on the size and complexity of the estate, the probate process can take up to several years before completion.

If you have accepted the role of personal representative or estate administrator, it is your job to resolve any outstanding debts and to distribute assets as outlined in a will. Not all assets have to go through the probate process. Our experienced Minnesota probate lawyers are familiar with all applicable probate rules and can advise you which assets must pass through probate. They can also advise which type of probate proceeding might expedite the process.

If your estate includes real property, such as a house or land, it is likely that the estate will require a probate proceeding. Our team of probate attorneys have the necessary experience and skill to guide you through the probate process, advising you of your options each step of the way.

We understand that the probate process can be a marathon—not a sprint. That is why our attorneys and support staff are committed to keeping you informed about every aspect of your case. We will make sure that all your questions are answered in a timely manner and that you fully understand all your options.

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At Speeter & Johnson, we understand that the death of a loved one is a difficult time for all involved. We provide compassionate care for each of our clients with the goal of resolving the estate administration and probate process as soon as possible. If you are involved in the administration of an estate or are serving as a personal representative, you need the advice of an experienced estate administration lawyer. At Speeter & Johnson, our attorneys have successfully guided countless clients through the estate administration process. Contact our Minneapolis office today to schedule a consultation.