Residential & Commercial Real Estate

At the firm of Speeter & Johnson, we practice real estate law with a focus on client satisfaction first. In our six decades of practice we have always prided ourselves on accomplishing the legal objectives of our clients while providing personalized service. This may be the first home you are buying or it may be one of meany real estate development deals you are involved in. Whatever your situation – whether residential or commercial – our attorneys have the skills and experience necessary to protect your interests.

Minnesota Real Estate Lawyers

Located in Minneapolis, our firm has been helping clients with their legal needs since 1952. Over this time we have learned how important it is to look out for the needs of the people and the businesses we are working for, especially when it comes to real estate law. There are few transactions as large as the sale or purchase of real estate. Whether you are an individual or a business, you need everything to go right with your real estate deal.

Our real estate attorneys have ample experience dealing in both residential and commercial real estate. We know how to ensure that your best interests are always prioritized during the transaction. There is no way to guarantee an outcome in real estate deals, but you can make sure that all of your bases are covered. The best way to do this is hiring a good real estate lawyer.

When you choose our firm you are hiring comprehensive real estate legal services. We can help with basics of buying or selling both residential and commercial properties as well as more advanced issues like commercial development, residential development and deal structures. Beyond transactional real estate needs we also provide litigation services.

If you deal in real estate long enough you will wind up in some type of dispute. This is where our litigation experience can prove beneficial. If mediation or arbitration is an option we can represent you through the process. We are also familiar and comfortable with going to court on your behalf. Our firm consists of skilled litigators capable of going as far as necessary to support your case.

Located in Minneapolis

When you consider how much money is at stake in your real estate deals, the cost of hiring experienced legal assistance comes into perspective. While you could attempt the basics of your transactions on your own or with a realtor, the reality is that you risk a substantial amount of time and money doing so. Let our firm guide you throughout the process so we can ensure that you are taken care of.

Please contact our firm today. We are ready to help you with all of your residential and commercial real estate needs.